1. Design

Design supports commissioners to realise the true value of new and existing ideas that VCSE providers and communities can bring to public service delivery.

By engaging with all interested stakeholders we can understand the challenges and opportunities faced by the public sector and help them to design services that meet the needs of the community. We work with commissioners to design new delivery models up to 24 months prior to contract delivery.

Design can support commissioners with co-production, service design, business case development and the commissioning process itself.

Design is a step away from the traditional commissioner/provider split, to a collaborative approach where all stakeholders; including funders, providers and service users combine to work out the best possible course of action.

2. Incubator

The Incubator seeks to equip the people who understand and live in communities with the means to develop solutions to social challenges by building on their skills, assets and energy.

Through a flexible four-step approach, we will seek to:

  1. Ideas - Work with communities to understand the potential in their ideas;
  2. Develop - Demonstrate the impact and financial sustainability around their ideas to help build networks and collaborations;
  3. Test - Understand how to test the assumptions behind their ideas through ‘test and learn’ projects or further research;
  4. Implement - For the most promising ideas, provide them with support to become either investment or contract ready.

We will initially target solutions to ageing, community assets and complex needs through the launch of themed calls during 2017.

3. Accelerator

Accelerator supports VCSE providers and communities to make the transition through to securing and delivering more sizable public service contracts (circa £500+).

It’s open to VCSE providers that have:

  • Identified a major contract opportunity;
  • Have been through a ‘bid ready’ process (either through our Incubator stage or elsewhere);
  • Require intensive, targeted support to write and design one specific bid.

The organisation will have the support of an expert Bid Team for 2-3 months to achieve this.

4. Joint Prime

After organisations have completed their development work with Capacity (or elsewhere), there may still be significant procurement opportunities that are out of reach.

Based on a consortium offer, Joint Prime bidding overcomes barriers to VCSE providers such as:

  • Financial reserves;
  • Lack of track record for contract size;
  • Larger demands on cash flow for more protracted, complex bid processes; and
  • Elements of Payment By Results.

Joint Prime ensures full responsibility for the contract passes to the VCSE provider over the lifetime of the contract, and:

  • Is a financially robust bidding model backed by trusted organisations;
  • Gives assurance to commissioners around contract delivery and outcomes;
  • Supports capacity building of VCSE Provider in live contract delivery via transition project management;
  • Builds track record and a platform for future independent business wins.

5. Corporate Functions

Capacity provides products and services that support VCSE organisations to strengthen their backbone systems. Lean products, and fit for purpose systems enable organisations to concentrate on maintaining excellent frontline delivery. Capacity’s Corporate Functions offer cost-effective capability whilst providing necessary assurance to commissioners.

Corporate Functions products and services include:

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